Hopewell Elementary School

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Three students and a teacher dissect the contents of an egg during a science lab
Students play on Hopewell Elementary's playground
Students chop vegetables for a meal
Students and adults prepare for a bicycle ride through the woods
Students use their iPads in a hallway at Hopewell Elementary
A rainbow arcs over Hopewell Elementary
Participants in Locks of Love pose on the school front steps with Mr. Friedrich and teachers

4th Annual Locks of Love

Two students participate in a Field Day contest
The Hopewell Unicorn running team celebrate their accomplishments at a race
Students present their woodworking project to Hopewell Borough officials
A class participates in a video conference
1980s Dress Up Day for teachers
Classes participate in Farm Day in the Hopewell Elementary garden
Parents join their students at an outdoor lunch
Students admire the baskets of donated food lining the school stage
Students and adults enjoy the outdoor Invite Your Parent to Lunch meal

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Early Dismissal - Parent Conferences
Date: 11/21/2017
Early Dismissal PM Pre School only 9-11:30AM
Date: 11/21/2017, 9:30 AM 10:30 AM
After School Enrichment Drawing K-5
Date: 11/21/2017, 3:45 PM 4:45 PM
Location: Art Room
After School Enrichment Milo Engineer (K-2)
Date: 11/21/2017, 3:45 PM 4:45 PM
Location: Media Center
Early Dismissal
Date: 11/22/2017
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Hopewell Elementary Recipient of $5,000 STEM Grant

The 2017 BASF Science Education Grant will further support efforts to expand our Sustainable, Green Community initiative by starting a vertical farm in the greenhouse this fall through a partnership with Princeton University.

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